Solar Mate Backup Generators

Solar Mate diesel backup generator from SG Energy

Solar Mate Backup Diesel Generator

240V single phase power to allow you to fulfil your total grid independence

You have invested heavily in a renewable energy system. Take the next step and establish your complete energy self-sufficiency with a diesel home backup generator that covers you when you need it most. It is ideal when more than solar generation is required or your battery storage levels need to be improved to fulfil your expectations.

There is no need to worry when you have your automatic backup generator installed. Have the power back and running in a matter of seconds.

Whether you are in a location that requires total grid independence or a backup option for your hybrid system, our Solar Mate generators provide an ideal solution.

The Solar Mate range has capacity from 8 kVA to 22 kVA; these power sources are built to be highly durable and can be configured to your requirements with outlet configuration or hardwired directly into your grid. Powered by Yanmar economical and reliable engines that are an ideal solution to integrate with your solar, or battery and inverter system.


Features of Solar Mate Diesel Generators

Powered by genuine Yanmar diesel engines

Powered by Yanmar Engines

Deep Sea Electronics controller fitted to Solar Mate units

Deep Sea Electronics Controllers

Galvanised steel canopy fitted to all units

Galvanised Steel Canopy

Sound attenuated canopy generators

Sound Attenuated Enclosure

Bunded fuel tank

24 hr Bunded Fuel Tank

Skid base incorporating fork pockets

Skid Base Incorporating Fork Pockets

Vibration dampening engine mounts

Vibration Dampening Engine Mounts

Silenced exhaust for reduced engine noise

Silenced Exhaust

Protective air filter fitted to all engines

Protective Air Filter

Stainless steel hardware fitted to all external surfaces for added protection

Stainless Steel External Hardware

Outlets can be configured to end user requirements or hardwired

Outlets Configurable to Requirements

2 years standby warranty

2 Years Standby Warranty

What can an 8 kVA generator power?

An 8 kVA will provide enough power to run a basic home setup. It will power a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, television, 6 x lights and will allow you to cycle large appliances on/off like a washing machine and oven.

What can you power with a 15 kVA Generator?

A 15 kVA generator will provide enough power for a larger home with appliances and allow the addition of a welder, air compressor or cement mixer and hand tools used in the workshop.

What can you power with a 20 kVA Generator?

A 20 kVA generator will provide enough power for a larger home and allow you to run heavier more commercial orientated electrical equipment like farm machinery or woodworking equipment.

Solar Mate diesel generators range 8 kVA to 22 kVA

Solar Mate — Affordable Solar Backup Generator

The Solar Mate range provides off-grid backup that is ready in an instant. Yanmar powered, radiator water-cooled engines that have the durability and economical performance to provide backup power when you need it and the performance to provide prime power for extended duration should your power be out for a prolonged period.

All units are equipped with Deep Sea Electronics control panels that are compact feature packed controllers that provide a large back-lit icon LCD display, generator & load power monitoring, generator overload protection, battery voltage monitoring and engine maintenance alarms to assist in the protection of your power source engine.

All units are equipped with:

  • Easy to access external e-Stop
  • Fuel level sender and low coolant level switch
  • Lockable battery isolator
  • Lockable access doors and control panel viewing window
  • Option ATS installation for full automation
  • Dimensions: (LxHxW): 2100 x 1250 x 845mm.

Solar Mate — Solar Backup Generator Specifications

EngineControllerFuel Tank
@ 100% Load
P8.183TNV82A-GGEDSE 452010036815
P10.110.33TNV82A-GGEDSE 452010031870
P14.113.753TNV88-GGHWCDSE 612010031815
P17.116.64TNV88-GGHWCDSE 612015024800
P19.118.74TNV88-GGHWCDSE 612013021900
P22.1224TNV84T-GGFCDSE 612015024996

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