Diesel Generator to provide solar backup power

Single phase solar generators with auto start for off-grid solar backup

MODEL: P17.1


Solar power is a great solution to reduce your energy bill. To become grid-independent, you need a reliable backup system that can provide your energy needs immediately and for an extended duration when necessary.

A diesel generator is an ideal complement to your solar or solar hybrid system and will allow you to go confidently grid-independent.

SG Energy’s SolarMate P17.1 at its heart has one of the most reliable diesel engines developed over decades of refinement, the Yanmar 4 Cylinder Diesel engine 4TNV88-GGHWC. Yanmar TVN water-cooled engines are Japanese-manufactured workhorses that provide the efficiency and reliability to support your home or business energy needs at a moment’s notice.

Combined with a quality Dingol 184E brushless synchronous alternator that provides quality and rugged performance, this combination makes a cost-effective, high-performance generator set.

These single-phase diesel generators are ideal as a standby unit to provide prime power when your solar system cannot meet demand or recharge your battery system after prolonged usage during diminished solar production. This 16.6 kVA standby (15 kVA primary) Yanmar powered diesel generator is covered by SG Energy’s 2 year warranty on standby generators.

They are equipped with an automatic start controller to let your generator start immediately in response to low incoming current from the solar panels or battery. Once activated, the generator kicks in to provide prime power or recharge your batteries when they are down and ensure you always have access to reliable energy. Manual starting is also possible in preparation for a potential energy-disruptive event.

The sound-attenuated canopy will minimise noise output and complement your tranquil surroundings. Easy access doors to vital components the units are quiet and unobtrusive. The genset canopy is galvanised steel, powder coated, and fitted with high-quality stainless steel components; these units can withstand harsh environments and resist corrosion.

Fitted with a Deep Sea Electronics DSE6120 control panel, it provides comprehensive readouts that enable the monitoring of vital functions and provides safety shutdown in situations that can threaten the engine and warnings for low fuel, over temperature protection, over current protection and low oil to ensure safe engine operation at all times.


  • Prime (PRP): 15 kVA
  • Standby (ESP): 16.6 kVA
  • Engine: YANMAR 4TNV88-GGHWC
  • Alternator: Dingol 184E
  • Controller: Deep Sea Electronic DSE 6120
  • Voltage: 240 v Single Phase
  • Power Outlets: Configurable to client needs
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Engine Speed: 1500 rpm
  • Voltage Regulator: AVR
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 150 L bunded integrated Diesel Tank
  • Canopy: Galvanised Steel Canopy with Powder Coated Paint
  • Noise Level: 75 dB @ 1m
  • Engine Type: Diesel water cooled
  • Starting System: 12V Electronic
  • Dimensions: L2100 x W850 x H1267 mm
  • Weight: 830 kg (all fluids excluding diesel fuel)
  • Delivery: Available to anywhere in Australia (POA)

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Domestic 240V, solar backup, residential homes and low voltage requirements.


Industrial 240/415V, commercial and high voltage requirements.


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