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Diesel Generators

Power Sources for the Hire & Events Industry

SG Energy robustly construct their rental specification diesel generators, including heavy-duty componentry, for continuous operation and to withstand the additional rigours of frequent transportation and movement. Our units consider the associated risk of collision with other objects and the regular movement of heavy generators.
These units must meet the expectations of generator hire companies, be robust and reliable to maximise productivity, reduce downtime and incorporate quality componentry that enables continuous performance.
SG Energy rental specification generators meet these criteria; we built them with the exact criteria SGH – our sister company – encounters from decades of rental experience.
  • Heavy duty engines
  • Reliable heavy duty components
  • Quality cooling system
  • Control systems
  • Enclosures that incorporate external protection.

Globally Recognised OEM Engines

OEM globally renowned rugged 4-cycle industrial diesel engines form the heart of SG Energy rental specification generators. We use those engines we know and trust, including:

  • FPT/Iveco
  • Yanmar
  • Scania
  • Cummins
  • Perkins

These engines provide reliable, fuel-efficient engines with low emissions and can respond to load changes.

SG Energy rental specification diesel generators powered by leading OEM brands

Reliable Heavy Duty Componentry

Mecc Alte alternator are used in all SG Energy rental specification generators

Mecc Alte alternators are the power source for all our rental specification generators. They are utilising the latest C-Type range, including the ECO28-40 models designed for continual reliability and packed with Mecc Alte’s over 70 years of manufacturing experience. C-Type alternators make the most of energy conversion to produce the maximum output-to-size ratio in the industry. Simple and practical, they offer unrivalled continuous output, the assurance that power will be available.

Steadfast Cooling Systems

All units have an integral mounted water-cooled radiator that allows the unit to function across a range of temperatures, including extreme heat often associated with Australian Summers. Our cooling systems operate across various ambient temperatures and load conditions to keep the engine performing at the specified engine temperature.

Large industrial capable radiators with increased heat rejection, water circulation and air flow help to keep the engine cool and in the normal operating parameters. The benefits of a highly effective cooling systems are for efficient generation and increased generator longevity and reliability.

SG Energy diesel generators are equipped with heavy duty radiators for increased heat dissapation capabilities

Intelligent Control Systems

SG Energy rental specification diesel generators are equipped with Deep Sea Electronic DSE 7320MKII control panels

All the rental specification units come standard with Deep Sea Electronics control panels: the DSE 7320 MKII. This control panel monitors all engine and electronic functions, can provide warnings and alarms, and turns off the engine when it encounters a damaging circumstance. Configurable to your needs, it provides ease of operation, weekly scheduling, and unit protection.

The unit measures various functions, including:

  • Fuel levels
  • Voltage production
  • Oil pressure monitoring
  • Temperature and coolant monitoring
  • Maintenance warning alarms

You can set up the model for remote monitoring to enable more outstanding user support when required.

Enclosures and Structures

A considerable gauge of galvanised steel provides greater strength to the canopy with built-in sound attenuation to reduce engine noise and disruption of associated surroundings. External fixtures are stainless steel with lockable access doors to prevent unwanted entry but provide ease of access for maintenance and security.

To avoid distortion, the bases of Rental Specification units have increased steel sections to provide further rigidity to the base, strengthening it for frequent tilt tray sliding and transportation. The units have built-in fork pockets and a central lifting point at the apex of the roof for positioning by crane. The unit’s front and rear have buffers extending beyond the base to protect the canopy from collisions with other objects. Incorporated into these buffers are lifting and lashing points that are ample in size to allow for large-diameter chain lashings to secure the units and enable balanced winching during the frequent movement cycle expected with rental generators.

Sg Energy diesel generators have a galvanised steel canopy for greater sound and weather protection

Fuel and Extended Running

SG Energy generators can be fitted with bulk fuel cells for extended running capacity

The base also holds and protects a larger capacity fuel tank intended to give a 24-hour runtime. The fuel tanks are fully bunded for additional protection and have an external lockable fuel fill, standard on all units to allow easy access. When increased runtimes are needed, or refuelling windows are difficult, additional external fittings can be fitted to connect a large fuel storage tank that can extensively increase the running duration.


All SG Energy Rental Specification Generators are covered by our comprehensive warranty of one-year for rental application.

SG Energy diesel generators are covered by a 1 year warranty on rental units

Feature Packed and Dependable

SG Energy rental specification diesel generator feature high lighted against unit

Inbuilt Ladder for Easy Access: Medium to large-sized rental generators have ladders built into the centre of the canopy to allow easy access to the roof and the central lifting point. Inspecting the unit from the top or attaching equipment to the lifting point is more accessible with the built-in ladder. Additionally, it provides increased rigidity to the canopy structure.

Single Lifting Point: On medium to large-sized units, a single lifting point enables the units to be hoisted by crane and positioned to elevated areas or across restrictive work sites. When the unit requires hoisting for manoeuvrability, the built-in lifting point means it can be lifted rapidly around or above a structure.

Genuine OEM Engines: All our units use globally recognised OEM diesel engines so that you can get support and uniformity of spare parts across the country. All our units can be registered for local support warranties.

Reinforced Steel Base: Provides increased structural rigidity to the unit, especially the base, which will encounter frequent movement when used in a rental environment. The base of the units has superior rigidity for regular loading and unloading on tilt trays and dragging across surfaces.

110% Fuel Bunded Base: The unit’s base houses the fuel tank protected by the more rigid base and contains a bund that can accommodate 110% of the maximum fuel load. If a situation should arise where fuel leaks from the tank, then the bund can accommodate this and prevent contamination of the surrounding area.

Fork Pockets in Base: Maneuvering with a forklift is simple thanks to inbuilt fork pockets that run the entire base width and are accessible from either side.

Protrusions in Base; Collision Protection: Extended protrusions are built into the base at either end to protect the unit. The extended protrusions have elevated ends to remove sharp corners from the base. The absence of corners prevents the units from catching on soft surfaces when dragged. The design of the elongated protrusions prevents collisions with the main canopy as they will encounter an object first and can take a reasonable impact.

Lifting and Lashing Points: At the front and rear of the base, incorporated in the extended protrusions are reinforced lashing points that allow a chain lashing to pass through and enable ease of use of a winch to drag the unit upon a tilt trailer. They also fix the generator in place and anchor the unit while in transit.

SG Energy
Model No.
1 Phase Units
P7YS16.63TNV76-GGEMecc Alte ECP28 1S4CDSE 7320MKII11081519008501265
P15YS1154TNV88-GGHWCMecc Alte ECP28 M4CDSE 7320MKII12882021008501267
3 Phase Units
P18YS18.74TNV88-GGHWCMecc Alte ECP28 3S4CDSE 7320MKII130104520908501435
P22YS224TNV84T0GGHFCMecc Alte ECP28 M4CDSE 7320MKII120104520908501435
P33YS334TNV98-GGFCMecc Alte ECP28 VL4CDSE 7320MKII160117022009001435
P66FS66NEF45 SM1A.S500Mecc Alte ECP32 2M4CDSE 7320MKII3001530255010001645
P90FS90NEF45 TM2A.S500Mecc Alte ECP32 2L4CDSE 7320MKII5301865290011001962
P110FS110NEF45 TM2A.S500Mecc Alte ECP34 2S4CDSE 7320MKII5302080290011001962
P165FS165NEF67 TM3A.S500 STIIMecc Alte ECP34 1L4CDSE 7320MKII10252380340011202240
P220FS220NEF67 TM7.S500Mecc Alte ECO38 2S4CDSE 7320MKII9502800343011202310
P275FS275CURSOR 87TE3Mecc Alte ECO38 2M4CDSE 7320MKII12003860398013202520
P330FS330CURSOR 87TE4Mecc Alte ECO38 1L4CDSE 7320MKII13004155403313202520
P440FS440CURSOR 13TE3A.S551Mecc Alte ECO40 1S4BDSE 7320MKII22006200465818002552
P440SS440DC13 072A 02-12Mecc Alte ECO40 1S4BDSE 7320MKII16006200478018002552
P550SS550DC13 072A 02-14Mecc Alte ECO40 3S4BDSE 7320MKII16006925461420002482

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