Mobile Lighting Tower Cubes

Switch On 24-hour Productivity

Time moves faster, and projects must be completed in even shorter amounts of time. Switch on the capability to provide 24-hour productivity with diesel-powered lighting tower cubes to increase your efficiency throughout the night and utilise the power of an entire day to your advantage.

Lighting towers are ideal for increasing light options at Construction Sites, Outdoor Events, and Industrial Work sites. They provide brilliant illumination while addressing efficiency and safety concerns.

Features of the ULED 240X Industrial Mobile Light Tower Cubes

The ULED 240X comprises features that provide productivity, safety, and ease of use. It is powered by globally recognised OEM industrial workhorses like the Perkins 400 Series diesel engines, which provide 6 kVA of power and run at a consistent 1500 rpm. Paired with a Mecc Alte 6 kVA single-phase alternator and controlled by a SmartGen Lighting Tower Controller, it provides all the convenient functions in one place to allow you to get light onto the job site rapidly and efficiently.

Powered by Perkins diesel engines

Powered by Perkins Engines

Light head containing 4 x 500 W LED lights

4 x 500 W LED Light Heads

SmartGen Lighting Tower control panel on each ULED 240X machine

SmartGen Lighting Tower Controller

100 litre diesel fuel tank

100 Litre Fuel Tank

ULED 240X has a run time of 75 hours

75 Hour Run Time

Mecc Alte Generator powers the ULED 240X

Mecc Alte Alternator 6 kVA

ULED 240X diesel powered lighting cube with galvanised base incorporating forklift pockets

Galvanised Base with Fork Pockets

ULED 240X with 350 degree electronic mast rotation

350° Electronic Mast Rotation

ULED 240X has a hydraulic mast that has an extention to 9 metres

Hydraulic Mast Elevation to 9 metre

ULED 240X has a wind stability rating of up to 100 km/h

Wind Stability Rated to 100 km/h

ULED 240X has a sound rating of 63 dB(A) at seven metres

Sound Rating 63 dB(A) @ 7 metres

ULED 240X has extendable stabilisers for increased stability

Safety Stabilisers for Wind and Uneven Surfaces

ULED 240X mobile lighting tower with 4 x 500 W light heads for a total of 300,000 lumens

ULED 240X Light Head Features

ULED 240X has a high-luminosity lamp assembly composed of four heads of 4 x 500 W LED lamps with a total capacity of 300,000-lumen output and a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The light head is attached to an 8-element hydraulically controlled vertical mast with an electronically controlled head tilt of 115º at the top. The mast can be rotated electronically 350º in rotation to position the head quickly to the most advantageous position to illuminate the required area. Electrical switches control all the mast positioning from the control panel to provide ease of use without manual manipulation.

The mast’s resting height is 2,730 mm with the head tilted down, and when fully extended, it reaches a maximum operating height of 9 metres. The mast is certified wind-stable up to 100 km/h and, for additional safety, can be supported by extending the wind-down outrigger supports to provide increased stability on rough terrain and when the breeze is expected to be blustery.

Mobile Light Tower Specifications

The reliability of the Perkins 403D-G11 diesel engine powers the ULED 240X. This 3 cylinder, four-stroke engine has a pedigree of efficiency and dependability to give you the certainty you require. This light cube has a 100-litre fuel tank that is bunded for your site safety and has an average run time of 75 hours when running the lights.

The unit runs off a Mecc Alte alternator that provides 6 kVA of ample power to provide electricity for the light and functions. External devices can be powered utilising the provided outlet built into the body. Noise interference is reduced thanks to internal sound deadening, achieving a 63 db(A) sound rating at a 7-metre radius.

Perkins 403D-G11 diesel engine powers the ULED 240X
The SmartGen Lighting Tower Control Unit provides all the control functions for the ULED 240X Mobile Light Tower

SmartGen Lighting Tower Control Panel

The ULED 240X has a SmartGen Control Panel that provides a central location for controlling and monitoring the engine and light tower. Easy to control and program, the SmartGen Control Panel offers the following functions:

  • LCD backlight screen with scrollable content.
  • Collects and stores electrical parameters, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels, etc.
  • Real-time clock and calendar for scheduled stop, start, and running duration, including sunrise and sunset control.
  • SMS function that sends failure notifications, remote start/stop via SMS (GSM Modem Required).
  • Manual start/stop control of engine, mast and light.
  • Alarm Protection for engine monitoring and shutdown when it detects functions outside parameters.
  • Can control up to 4 lights.
Outlet and auxiliary power for the ULED 240X mobile light tower
ULED 240X control panel and module that has all functions of the light tower in one easy to use location
External stabilisers can be extended from the main cube to provide additional stability on uneven surfaces or during blustery conditions
ULED 240X from SG Energy with fully extended mast to the maximum 9 metre extension
Mast and Lighting Systems
Light Head Tilt115º Electronic
Rotation350º Electronic
Lighting System4 x 500 W LED
Light Output300,000 Lumens
Height Stowed2,730 mm
Mast Max. Elevation9,000 mm
Wind Speed Rating100 km/h
Standard Specifications
EnginePerkins (403D-G11)
Cylinder3 Cylinder Diesel, 4 Stroke
Engine Emissions LevelTier 3 (EU Stage IIIA)
Fuel Consumption1.3 L/hr (50% Prime)
Running Time75 hours
GeneratorMecc Alte
Control ModuleSmartGen Lighting Tower Controller
Noise Level @ 7 m radius63 dB(A)
Fuel Tank Capacity100 L
Dimensions Retracted (l x w x h)1180 x 1180 x 2730 mm
Dimensions Extended (l x w x h)1800 x 1800 x 9000 mm
Dry Weight1164 kg
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